This is the LWE Loudspeakers website

I am Louis W. Erath, the inventor of the legendary LWE loudspeakers first developed in the 1960's. The picture above shows some of the loudspeakers that I have recently designed and built. The horn loudspeaker on the left uses a 2X4 multi-celluar theater horn (no longer being built) and an Altec 25 watt compression driver with a sensitivity of 110db. The bass speaker is a 15" heavy duty woofer built to my specifications by Eminence. The tweeter is a JBL ring tweeter. The bass speaker is driven by a 120 watt Mosfet amplifier with an LWE feedback network controlling the low end (20hz to 700hz). The Altec horn and JBL speakers are driven by a 15X15 watt amplifier fed from a 12db/oct electronic crossover network. The sound is magnificent! I can custom build one or two more pair of these speakers with available parts. The loudspeaker in the center is the LWE 2A1. It uses the same woofer described above with a heavy-duty 8" mid-range Eminence loudspeaker and a Bohlender-Graebender NEO8PRD transducer for the upper mid-range and high-end (2khz to 20khz). The picture on page 2 shows this arrangemnent with the grill removed. The crossover networks are highly customized for the best sound. The cabinet is shown on a stand which is removable if desired. This particular cabinet is made of solid red oak. This particular pair of speakers uses an Eminence Magnum 15LF driver which is available from parts supply houses. The LWE amplifier shown on top of the loudspeaker cabinet is a 120 watt Mosfet amplifier with an LWE feedback network and some of the crossover components built-in. The crossover network is designed to use a single amplifier full-range. The results are comparable to the horn system. The planar loudspeaker out-performs any dome tweeter in the reproduction of transients except for the horn system described above. The loudspeaker on the right of the picture uses the same components as the LWE 2A1, mounted in a pedestle box with the woofer in the black box on the floor behind it.